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Requirement for participation is boat control in easy whitewater grade I-II, sufficient swimming skills,  full physical health and sufficient physical fitness and endurance, which is necessary for paddling the 45 km or 18 km long distances.

Participation in the event is at your own risk. The organizer will not be legaly responsible/liable for any damages, also not to third parties.


Each participant has to make sure that the racetrack or the surrounding landscape is loaded as little as possible.

After registration, upon payment of the entry fee, a start number will be handed out, which will be visible during the race and must be returned to the organizer at the end of the race at the finish (only one number for K2 boats and crew boats). A refund of entry fees for whatever reason can not be given (not even if the competition is canceled due to force majeure)

Each participant has to wear a lifejacket that complies with the ICF rules !! Equally compulsory is a helmet and suitable footwear.

Mutual assistance in accidents is mandatory.

Instructions of the starter and marshals are to be obeyed.


The course:

The racetrack is the free-flowing Mur between Großlobming and Leoben with some easy rapids grade I-I +


The marathon course for kayaks and canoes leads over 45 km from Großlobming near Zeltweg to Leoben, with a portage at the Mur Island near St. Michael (km 31).


The half-marathon course for Rafts, SUPs and touring boats leads over 18 km from St. Stefan to Leoben with a portage at the St. Michael Island (km 4).


The obligatory portage at the Mur Island near St. Michael has a length of approx. 200 m, the exit point and the entry point are specially marked and the running distance is delimited. All competitors have to carry their boats through this corridor.


The obligatory portage is the control station and at the same time offers the possibility of supplying the participants.


Boat categories:

For a separate category rating at least 6 boats must be at the start, otherwise they will be added to the next category.


International racing crews (K2, C2, SUP MEGA & Raft) are allowed.


Prices & Ratings:

• Challenge-winner (Boat closest to the middle time)

• Fastest time over all

• first, second, third placed in each category,

• Sprint relay race: winning team from KO classification

• Mini Sprint: First, Second, and Third Place



The start takes place as Le Mans mass start, category by category, of the marked starting line.

The competitors have to put their boats on the river bank previosly to start.



Sprint race:

Participants over 15 years


The fastest competitor of the respective group enters the next round.


Start is Head2Head


The specified course with two turning points have to be paddled in a clockwise direction. Start line and finish line is clearly marked and must be passed in the specified range. Any abbreviations and disregard of the rules, as well as the general conditions of participation lead to immediate disqualification.



For participants under 15 years only.


The specified route with two turning points have to be paddled in a clockwise direction.


The determination of the first, second and third place finisher takes place by means of timekeeping. Head to Head is started.


Competition Rules and Behavior:

Furthermore, the ICF and OKV competition rules apply.

Unfair or dangerous actions of any kind towards other participants lead to immediate disqualification.

Disregard of the safety rules will result in disqualification, as well as the disregard of Portage.


Grossly negligent common risk also leads to disqualification.


False starts and abbreviations of Portage will be penalized.


In case of doubt, the established arbitral tribunal will decide on punishment or disqualification.


In case of premature / unforeseen termination of the race, the organizer or the next marshal must be informed.



Participation in the competition is made exclusively by human muscle power and for this reason the use of aids (demonstrative enumeration: motor support, rollers attached to the kayak for the carrying passages, doping, etc.) and the use of foreign aid of any kind (demonstrative enumeration: pushing, pulling, Driving, accompanying, making tempo, helping to carry, etc.) strictly prohibited and will be punished by the organizer with disqualification and a 2-year participation ban.


Race Committee / Protest Committee:

All disputed questions are decided solely by the race committee. Protests must be submitted in writing to the race office by no later than 5 pm on race day for a fee of € 200. If the protest is followed, the fee will be refunded, otherwise the protest fee will be forfeited. The race committee decides on the protest by 6 pm at the latest in written form. No further appeal against the final decision of the race committee is allowed.

The race committee is composed of 3 independent persons and a majority decision is valid.



By taking part in the Mur Challenge, each participant grants the organizer, the ARGE Mur Challenge as well as the broadcasting TV and radio stations and photographers the irrevocable right to use the recordings made by him in connection with the participation in the Mur Challenge (Audio - and video) without compensation and without temporal or spatial restriction by means of each technical process for each allowed purpose (especially for marketing purposes) to evaluate and publish.


Sponsor areas:

Every participant is forbidden to cover or remove any sponsor area of the organizer (start numbers, banners, headbands, etc.). The attachment of non-eventual sponsors along the route is prohibited. Furthermore, the starting numbers may not be covered by their own sponsors. The body area as well as the areas on the respective sports equipment can be freely used except for the above-mentioned restriction.



Participation in the Mur Challenge is associated with certain and uncertain risks for the participants. By signing the conditions of participation, the participant declares that, in the event of damage or injury, he will not assert compensation claims of any kind whatsoever against the organizer, the associations responsible for the competitions, or the ARGE Mur Challenge.

In addition, by signing the terms and conditions, the participant confirms that he has an upright personal liability insurance and an upright personal leisure accident insurance covering his participation in the Mur Challenge.


The participant will indemnify the organizer, the Brucker Watersport Club, for any damage caused by his participation in the Mur Challenge.



The Organizing Committee reserves the right to decide against the regulations in individual cases. These decisions have no influence on the overall regulations and are only used in this special case.



The race committee reserves the right to amend or supplement these regulations at any time. Any changes will be communicated via the website of the organizer.


Sentence, printing errors or changes reserved


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